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For participating in Miles for Migraine - Tampa 2023

My Story…

Thank you for visiting my page! Since August, I have been apart of the USF Department of Neurology Headache and Facial Pain division assisting in the conduction of multiple clinical trials. Most of the patients I see suffer with anywhere from 4 migraine days per month to not having a headache free day at all. Many of these patients have their lives disrupted by not being able to work, go to school, socialize, or be in any comfort during these times. Luckily, new migraine medications are being tested everyday to give more opportunities to patients to find relief. Some of the patients I have seen are as young as 6 years old and unfortunately, not many medication options are FDA approved and available for this age group at this time. USF Neurology, with the help of our pharmaceutical sponsors, is actively engaged in the testing of these medications to determine their safety and efficacy to increase the amount of viable treatment options available. 

The stigma surrounding migraine has existed for years causing people to downplay the severity of the symptoms experienced by others and the impact to their everyday lives. Migraine disease is a disease. It is not just a headache and it does not just go away. Headache disorders are extremely common and affect 52% of the population. A migraine is a headache that meets specific qualifications and affects 14% of the population. Migraine is 3x more common in females than males and often has genetic and hormonal components. Some of the most common symptoms experienced are unilateral throbbing head pain, nausea and vomiting, brain fog, and extreme sensitivity to light, sound, and smells. Some of the more severe symptoms that can be experienced are less well known and include mood changes, visual disturbances or vision loss, unilateral weakness or numbness, difficulty speaking, severe vertigo, and sensitivity to otherwise non painful stimuli. Migraines are all different and even occur without associated head pain and can be difficult to diagnose.

USF and Miles for Migraine strive to spread awareness of the impact this disease can have and draw attention to the important funding needed to continue to provide answers to migraine suffers. On Saturday January 21st we are hosting our 4th annual Miles for Migraine Walk, Run, and Relax event where we will be gathering to listen to physicians and patients share their experiences and raise funds for our research performed here at USF. All of the proceeds from this event will go directly to the USF Headache Center to fund current and future research I am performing. The event is free to participate in and any donation amount is appreciated. Please reach out to me if you have any questions, and I hope to see you at Simmons Park at USF campus on the 21st! 

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